Sea Level Rise Videos

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Interesting video of what lands will be lost as sea level rises over the next two centuries. Something to consider when you are writing your climate fiction.

Lands That Could FLOOD in Our Lifetime

The idea of creating dams across at risk low lying chock points, such as the entrance at San Francisco to the inland area of the San Fernando Valley, then using the electricity to power a desalination plant for fresh water has merit. As well as being a good starting point for a story.

Longer term, the second video is chilling for the period past that. If the worst case scenario of complete melting of Antarctica happens it gets strange.

What if Antarctica MELTED?

Check out the ecosystem that would emerge. Much like northern Canada or the Scandinavian countries rather than a new Amazon because of the near total lack of soil to grow food on. Though the cultures that arose out of it would be rich in minerals and have access to huge fishing regions for food.