Message leaving

Is there a place on this site to leave messages in case of some kind of challenging event like a power outage or other local crisis? Once again my gmail acct has been blocked as I was in the middle of an exchange about tree rescue that I can no longer pursue for an indefinite amt of time.

I would like to leave a message here for the party of the 2nd part to let them know I am okay and not ignoring them, just dealing with yet another hassle caused by technogoofiness.

Is this against the rules of the site or discouraged for reasons of traffic etc.?

I have read your post of 10/12/2023 with interest. While I don't have an answer for your question, "Is this against the rules of the site or discouraged for reasons of traffic etc?", I want to say that the idea you've shared -- for some kind of central online contact point for people to reconnect after an unexpected disruption to their lives -- is a good one.

I see no obvious reason why you might not create a 'new' forum topic called "Contact information for gkb" which might facilitate people you want to hear from reconnecting with you in a way that you specify.

For example, I have family living on the West Coast of North America in a very active earthquake zone where the "Big One" is possible at any time. My family and of our son's lives here, about 450 kilometres, (about 280 miles inland).

In the event of the "Big One" happening it's quite likely that the usual highway routes would quickly become blocked or impassible, in which case it would be highly desirable to have a 'meet-up' strategy in place beforehand.

Your post has started me thinking about that.

I hope all is well.


Yes, it is partly because of the number of disruptive events happening with respect to my own avenues of communication (gmail demanding browser changes my old equipment won't tolerate, flip phone demanding 'upgrade' to 5G that I do not want, etc)that I thought of leaving a message here for people who can't reach me via the usual channels. When the two towers were struck and people were stranded, there was a literary group bb chat room I belonged to where people let other members know they were okay and bbchat members posted places where they could meet with stranded folks and take them home for the duration. I thought this site might consider a similar emergency disruption option protocol. But I do not know if the software capacity might be strained by too many messages or some other reason.