The Radiance Goes Gardening

So, apparently there is a "smart planter" that sells for around $250 and links to your smart phone. The company's CEO says there's no need for him to do "conflations in his head" when the phone can just tell him when to plant tomatoes. The reporter is a little skeptical, though -- noting that the planter "requires a water source for its irrigation," which might present an obstacle to adoption.

This is in all seriousness, apparently -- not satire. I can barely even start to imagine the EROEI here. But at least they're not selling sky-based subscription services to water the planter. ;-) And some more people may do a little bit of gardening, which is still a good thing.....

ClareBroommaker's picture

WTH? I looked at the product webpage you linked, without even reading much. Some may find it hilarious, but it makes me angry.

Last photo on the page shows beans sprouting on the top of the soil. Is that how this tells people to plant? Beans on top of the soil? Good grief.

Also, I'm a little contemptuous about the artificial soil pictured when they imply that this growing system can be used in your lovely suburban yard which has its own soil and grass (Even if it is really astroturf in the photos). If your soil can grow grass, it can grow vegetables. You don't have to buy plastic pots and fill them with artificial soil to grow vegetables.

I'll let someone else comment on the exquisite overkill of the app and the automaticity. Geeze.

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Just what people will need when they fly away to Mars!!!! So for me to be able to use this thing I am going to have to buy a smart phone not going to happen.

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Is the answer to every problem, an "App"?

This is from the same type of people who want my refrigerator to know when to order me more milk, lol.