Speaking To Plants

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As a reawakening student of shamanism, I can completely agree with the points that this scientist has on plants having a type of intelligence, though shamans call it their spirit and know quite well it can communicate with us and teach us.

Do Plants Have Something to Say? - One scientist is definitely listening. (open in Brave to get past the paywall.)

"Monica Gagliano says that she has received Yoda-like advice from trees and shrubbery. She recalls being rocked like a baby by the spirit of a fern. She has ridden on the back of an invisible bear conjured by an osha root. She once accidentally bent space and time while playing the ocarina, an ancient wind instrument, in a redwood forest. “Oryngham,” she says, means “thank you” in plant language. These interactions have taken place in dreams, visions, songs and telekinetic interactions, sometimes with the help of shamans or ayahuasca.

This has all gone on around the same time as Dr. Gagliano’s scientific research, which has broken boundaries in the field of plant behavior and signaling. Currently at the University of Sydney in Australia, she has published a number of studies that support the view that plants are, to some extent, intelligent. Her experiments suggest that they can learn behaviors and remember them."

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A series from the BBC from like 1976-1978. Have saved them all on a hard drive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VJEqy9ZF6QM