Kohlrabi. One plant, three vegetables.

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For some reason I never tried eating the leaves of kohrabi before yesterday. They were big purple kohlrabi leaves and cooked up in the pressure cooker to a very tender tasty vegetable. I liked them with absolutely no seasoning, not even salt. They brought to mind what my son says about cabbage, "It's not a vegetable; it is meat." Yes, they tasted and chewed very pleasantly meaty. Somewhat like turnip greens, somewhat like collards. Delicious.

The leaves from one kohlrabi were enough for two meals. So the next day, my husband combined them with a sprinkling of rice, some onions, and some sweet pepper. The crowning touch was bacon fat. He also had hot pepper, while I did not. It was a meal unto itself and so delicious.

The stems in the middle of the leaves cook up differently than the rest of the leaf. They even taste different. You could cut the stems out and serve them in a different meal, or as a different dish, perhaps seasoned differently than the main part of the leaf.

Then, of course there is the main part of the kohlrabi, the bulbous part. That is what I had eaten on the first day. This particular one reminded me of the flavor of artichoke.

Three vegs: Bulb, stem, leaf. Not much left for the compost.

I think I have to try this.

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The stems and onions make a great camp soup

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Just to give an idea of how much more food there is in the entire plant, I separated and weighed the parts of last night's harvest. Six bulbs gave me 712g, their leaves yielded 510g, and the stems 525g. So using the stems and leaves more than doubles the usable harvest.