Hints for small scale gardens from India

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I tend to get too US and Euro-centric with the advice I give on food and gardens, and forget that there is a huge other world out there of expertise. Here is an article on small scale gardening from India's "The Hindu" written by Sangeetha Devi Dundoo.

Engineer your kitchen garden

"Four engineering graduates from Hyderabad believe that if you want to eat and live healthy, it’s best to grow your own vegetables. They tried this in their own homes and now, through their entrepreneurial venture HomeCrop, have helped more than 600 people to follow suit."


I found their experiments with soil-less grow mix interesting and very useful for urban gardening. So to the use of "geotextile" as an alternative to plastic containers. I'll have to look for some and try them. Look at the picture titled "The square foot principle". That looks like a soft walled container? Definitely cheaper and easier to build than Western raised beds.