NEW CIRCLE: Your Family and Your Children

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Based on the discussion in this thread,

I'm decided to merge the Sixth Circle - Livability into the Seven Circle - Energy and Power, and repurpose that Circle for discussions about Family and Children. I also swapped the order between that Circle and the Fifth Circle - Home, Shelter and Security, which now becomes the Sixth Circle, and Family and Children, the Fifth.

I still like gkb's suggestion:

"I think each of the Circles as they stand should have a Sticky topic for Teachers, that leads to a special page like story-telling for how to engage young children and teens (who have different needs) and how to cope with infant needs"

and appreciate the list she provides later in that thread. Hopefully we can further develop the idea as time goes by.

Thank you all for your suggestions and input. I'll update the "About the Circles" tutorial as soon as I can.


Thanks for the new circle! I look forward to posting in this section as I get the time.