Commenting On Old Forum Posts

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There is a lot of great info on the Old Green Wizard's forum here:

If there is a thread you want to comment on or add new info, post the thread title, what forum its in and a link would be great (but not required) and I'll get it moved the next time I log on.

Its going to take me the rest of the year to get everything moved. That's a good thing because I'm busy here with all the new traffic and post by you all. I'd rather that than have a lot of time to do mundane things, lol.

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As of this morning I have a photo of a tobacco flower that I would like to post to our old discussion, "What to consider in regards to tobacco," on the old .org forum. Don't see where to post it otherwise, especially since I don't intend to open a whole entry in Book of Plants with it. Could you put that "What to consider" discussion on the list of items to transfer to this new .com site?

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I've moved the thread you wanted, its here