Wanted - Story Illustrations

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We here at Green Wizards are seeking artist to draw simple illustrations for our new childrens' series "Daniel and the Old Woman". You can see a discussion of the stories on this forum:

"Daniel and the Old Woman" - GW Children's Tales

If we get the series sold, illustrations will get paid too.

First illustration is an earthworm in a open palm.

Read more about that here: http://greenwizards.com/node/551

I am also looking for story illustrators. I have two projects in hand. One is the Talurian Tales: a collection of fables and moral tales from the world where Gladdis of Rowanswood lives. I would like these to be simple line sketches in ink or pencil black and white for ease of printing,like the kind that used to be in the Scholastic magazine Highlights for children.

The second project is the 85,000 word long-story called The Purple Orb. I finished the story last week, and am now editing the text with an eye to book design. I need a cover for this and for Talurian Tales as well.

If you are a professional illustrator, please indicate your standard fee; if you are a beginning self-publisher of your own art, please say if you would accept a percentage of sales from a self-published book in lieu of an up-front purchase. The second way would allow you to retain your copyright instead of selling it as a work-for-hire. Thanks!

P.S.: I could also use a cover illustration for my other completed Gladdis story, Tale of the Old Woan.