Resources for Getting Started

You might be interested in the Home Grown Food Summit. It's free and online from March 18-24 (I believe you can also pay to get anytime access).

Presentations include:
10 Strategies For Growing Food In A Changing Climate
Beginners Guide to Bee Keeping
Harvesting And Using Acorns: The 10 Minute Method
Kitchen Medicine: Amazing Herbal Remedies In Your Spice Drawer!
Can Plants Learn, Remember, And Communicate?
Free Chicken Feed: 3 DIY Systems For Growing Insects For Your Girls
How To Cook On A Woodburning Stove

(and more)

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I signed up for the premium package that gives me all of the lectures on a flash drive. I'll report back if any of the lectures were informative. There's quite a big group of lectures too.

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One of the speakers has a utube channel.

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