Getting Lost

Getting Lost Makes the Brain Go Haywire

In caves and labyrinths, humans’ cerebral navigation equipment is mostly useless. That can spark panic or free the mind.
Will Hunt

Disorientation is physical/mental.

"Lostness has always been an enigmatic and many-sided state, always filled with unexpected potencies. Across history, all varieties of artists, philosophers, and scientists have celebrated disorientation as an engine of discovery and creativity, both in the sense of straying from a physical path, and in swerving away from the familiar, turning in to the unknown."

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In cave diving a compass, light, extra light, and another light plus your guide line are your friends!!! Part of the training is done in shallow open water with tape over your mask and you practice following your line out of the practice cave. Guessing maybe one cave diver to 500 open water divers Florida has some great cave diving come on down.

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Puzzles and mazes on paper are a great way to exercise you mind. Crosswords too.

Too many people seem to be attracted to mindless video first person shooters now.