How to Grow Elderberries from Cuttings

If you are in North America or Europe, January thru March is probably the best time to make cuttings.

Anybody ever use unpasturized honey and willow bark water in place of commerical rooting compounds?

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Never tried honey but willow bark water is great. I find the biggest problem in trying to root cutting is keeping the potting mix clean. The only thing I will use is peat and perlite. The peat must be from a newly open bale. The perlite is stored in a sealed clean garbage can. The time of year is important when trying to root cuttings. Never tried to root elderberry plants around my part of the world new plants sprout from the roots when the area is covered in well rotted mulch.

My go-to method for elder cuttings is water rooting. through long greybarked stems in a bucket, leaving some leaf on and fill it with water. 1-2 weeks and your good to go.

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The young plant suckers start on the roots of the mother plant

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