How do I make the "New" notice go away?

When I go into a particular Forum, if I read all the new replies to a topic, the "new" notice for the topic goes away. But if I've read all the new replies in a forum, when I'm at the main list of Forums, the "New" notice is still there.

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Let me do some research, and see what the Durpal gurus say about this.

The main forum page still shows the same "New" items as when I first posted. I've gone into each forum and what's there is not at all reflected in the main page. I find new posts in the ones that don't say "New"

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Do you mean that the right menu item, Recent comments, still shows comments you have viewed when going to the individual forums it shows them as new comments? I'm not sure what you mean.

I just reread your first comment. Yes as far as I can tell the "New Comments" section of the right menu doesn't take into account whether you have viewed a new comment or not. Its just a list of the most recent comments. I'm not sure if there is a way to customize that menu item to delete the ones you have read.

See the picture I posted on my original post where it says "1 New" below the number (16) of Topics on the First Circle, 2 New under 50 on the second Circle, etc. Those numbers are never changing from a week ago even though when I go into the first circle I see the Topics and it shows how many New Replies on each topic. If I read a Topic, the New number for Replies goes away. But when I back out to the Main forum page, the number of "New" topics stays the same. Those numbers haven't changed from what it showed last Sunday the 24th. It looks the same today as when I posted that screen capture 5 days ago. The number of Topics HAS gone up though, from 16 to 17 and 50 to 51. I may see that it's showing no new under a forum, but when I go into the particular forum, there are new topics or replies. On the old forum if I saw a "New" notice on a particular Forum, I'd see that many New items when I went into that forum. and when I'd read them, the number went away. That's not happening here.

Edit... OK, now I see what's going on. I have to go into a forum and read ALL the topics to make the New go away! What's missing is the button to "Mark All Read" that is on the old forum. Also, the Topics column shows New Topics, but the Posts column does not show where there are new Posts, unlike the old forum which does show both the number of new Topics and number of New Posts.

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There's still alot about this new software I'm not up to speed on. A search of the Internet shows they got rid of the "Mark All As Read" function around Durpal 4. There are some experimental modules that try to do it but are buggy. (The original forum was in Durpal 2).

My Durpal manual is for Durpal 8 but the current theme was written for 7. I'll need to get a new version (or older version) of the manual. There are several things on the software side I need to fix, including this, and I'll try and get to it as I can Aug.

I have just the three options for menus, New Forum Topics, Active and Recent Comments. Where they appear is a bit complicates, I can either say "All" or specify each page they appear on. I put "New" on All, and the other two just on the main forum page. If people feel it should be switch, let me know which one you find most useful.

As for where a comment is from about all we can do is get people to put descriptive titles on their comment, otherwise the system just copies the first few words of your comment.

ADDED: I've been writing a tutorial for guest bloggers all morning and have come across an add on to Durpal that might fix this problem. No promises but I'll continue to investigate this.