Become A Story Teller

What is it, that makes us Human?

Of all of the characteristics and traits that we educated primates have, I believe it is our capacity to "Imagine" that sets us apart.

We tell stories...

From the time we huddled in caves with our tribal mates around a fire against the cold of the last great Ice Age and looked up at the star filled night time sky wondering, "There must be some BIG guys up there!", we told stories. Centuries later Mesopotamian scholars recounting the legend of Gilgamesh at the court of Hammurabi with tales of combat and heroism. Centuries later London theater goers forget the trials of their life and for an evening, laughed at the plays of Shakespeare (and sometimes crying too). And now television and movie dramas of modern day that are our favorites and the stuff of endless chat, show us all that humans tell stories.

Stories help us understand our role in Life. And can be a powerful tool for change in challenging times.

Green Wizards are story tellers...


The tale we have told you reading this, of a coming time of distress and hardship surely scare you. It scares US.

The seemingly insurmountable problems that face us and the predicaments we will just have to live with, would make any grown person want to run and hide under a blanket and not come up. After all, under the blanket, its warm and temptingly safe, isn't it? Its a safeness of children though, with their parents there to protect them.

Now you are the parent. It is up to you, to do the protecting.


To face a problem, you must first recognize there is one.

For too many of us, we have bought into the lies and propaganda that the Powers That Be, want us sheep to believe. They are busy playing the violin while the world burns and hope that we accept them when they say, "Nothing is wrong."

Why does that not assure us?

The Emperor has no clothes and we are just now realizing it.

And yet having grown up on the myths and lies that the "People Who Benefit From the Status Quo" have had their paid media puppets tell us, its hard to understand when an honest journalist or blogger posts something that goes against that narrative. If every media source you have been trained to trust says the Sun will rise in the West, its hard to believe a lone voice who says "East".

Its harder still to be that voice.

And yet, that is what we ask of you...

You have an advantage though, stories touch our Heart.

Have you ever cried at a movie? I have. When the story is so good it takes you in, it surrounds you with its tale and when you really care about those fictional characters, and their problems and successes, it touches you heart like nothing else. Movies use that power to sell tickets. We must use that power to change the path we are all on, or there will be no stories soon.The damage we have caused on our only home may have been too much. The news of death keep mounting. How the underpinnings of the World's ecosystem are being kicked out one by one. And too many people who benefit from this rape of our cradle don't seem to recognize the problem, or just don't care.

I care and I hope you do too.

We have to change the attitude that just getting yours is the only thing important. That its more than just "Me, Me, Me!"

The stories we write will be the tool we use to make this change.


Story telling is an Art, and one that no one is born a master of.

You may wonder at the way some writer spins a tale across book pages and perhaps movie scripts, and think from their long string of block buster that they are special and gifted. And yet, they too were once beginners. I assure you even Spielberg's first story written sucked, lol. His did, and mine did. But we got better. Telling stories is a skill that you develop through exercise and practice, like any skill. It is a skill that you will fail at often and regularly, but is one that you can master.

We are here to help because the power of a single story teller is immense.

Through the tutorials and posts we make on our "Becoming A Storyteller" forum, we will help you polish your craft and find your voice.

And we might put a dollar or two into your wallet too...(story contests!)

The Whole Wide World is waking up to the horrible Future we all face and is getting scared. The People are seeking inspiration and guidance to help them with the challenges they face. They are seeking voices and stories that will help them make sense of the Future. They can't do it alone.

Will you be one such Storyteller?