Looking Deeper When the Media Says We Can't Stop The Long Descent

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Ok so the article wasn't specifically about the Media publishing articles that said we can't afford to address the Collapse of our Society, but rather about climate change.

Australian headlines are designed to scare people into not acting on climate change

"So, as we head into another cycle of climate change politics in Canberra, beware the economic doomsayers and the threats from industry groups that credible action will be a “wrecking ball” to the economy. To be glib, no one said saving the Earth would be free. Acting on climate change will have costs but the costs of not acting will be far, far larger. Better that we come together and manage a fair and effective transition than continuing to delay and pay a much, much greater bill later."

Climate change is a problem, but to me its kind of like colony collapse and bees. Its the canary in the coal mine. The problem that everyone can moan and say "Oh Shit" about. When the reality is that its not just the bees that are dieing. Insect life is collapsing to a frightening degree but people worry more about bees and butterflies. There is also the host of other big issues that don't see much air play.

Still every time these issues start getting seriously discussed, it seems that the Media, primarily the big corporate owned outlets have to give equal time to the shills that proclaim in a loud voice "We Can't Do Anything About That, It Will Cost Jobs!!!!"

Funny how I never hear that when corporations were advocating the benefits of shipping well paying US manufacturing jobs to low paying third world countries. Could it be that its not jobs they are worried about but profits?

Keep that in mind as we get the expected push back on the Democrat's "New Green Deal". I'm already seeing articles about how unions which represent workers in industries that contribute to climate change, aka oil and coal industries, are loudly proclaiming that the New Green Deal will cost them jobs. I wonder if they were told, "The government will train you for new green jobs FOR FREE", what would they say.

Shills for the Powers That Be would say, "But how do we pay for it?"

Exxon Mobil profit quintupled after Trump tax cut

Hmmmm...I'll leave it up to each of you to answer that.