Weird occurrences with names, dates, times

ClareBroommaker's picture In this thread which was transferred from the old forum, there's a response I made, yet it is recorded with the name Claire58 alongside it. I think I might have seen a couple other instances of this name switch.

I also have seen some odd dates turn up on some posts, in a inconsistent way. That was probably on transferred posts, too. Sorry, no examples to offer, but I could be on the look-out if you need an example.

Last, in the "Recent Comments" list the order is sometimes not entirely chronological, but 1-3 items are out of order. Currently everything on it is in order.

Could be there are some little bugs.

David Trammel's picture

First, let me know which posts you see with clare58's name not yours. The simple answer is as I copy the comments from the old forum to here, and you are the author, as I type "Cla.." the system gives me both names. Hers is first, then yours. I'm sure what happened is I accidentally click her not you. I'll see if I can pull up a list of a person's posts and then I can go back and correct it.

As for the times and dates on comments, Durpal has no option to force sequential comment postings. There are three places you can click "reply", at the top under the first post, at the bottom, or under a specific post. Each place put a new reply in a different place. It was a minor headache on the old forum.

I'm going to do a "How to post a comment or thread" tutorial soon that I hope helps. Best advice is always use the bottom "reply" button.

As for the older forum posts, I didn't try to put them in chronological order, I just started at the top of the thread and worked my way down. That ends up with many posts out of time order