The "Un-Contest" - Post Peak "When Empires Fall"

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Due to the popularity of the recent series of fictional posts on the Archdruid Report, which describes one way that the American Empire might fall, we are announcing a new short story compitition.

Or rather an "un-contest". Unlike the first contest last Fall, we don't have a clear idea this will become an actual book. Much will depend on the amount of submissions and whether the first anthology does well. If sales are good, then there is a possiblity that these stories may be compiled into a second anthology.

Still, its an opportunity for the many writers who follow John Michael Greer and the Archdruid Report to again show their stuff.

And its just plain fun too.


The Series on ADR-


The Un-Contest Rules-

(For those who did not participate in the first contest, please review this post on the ADR: )


- Stories should be set within the universe of the series and show how people are dealing with the events in the series. This could be a shop owner at the local level, or even politicians at the highest levels, but try and make it about events they go thru, and less about the larger picture of things.

- There is a natural break in the series into several time periods. The first is from the start of the series to the end of the war in Tanzania. The second is from that point to the dissolution of the current US and the ratification of the amendment. Third and finally, is the post dissolution period. Please make note of what time period your story is set in. (We will try and post a timeline of the dates JMG has mentioned in the series for reference.)

-Stories should be from 2500 to 7500 words, but may be longer if the story is in several parts and spans several time periods. Remember, you will have a better chance of being included in any future anthology, if your story is shorter BUT if your muse takes you to a longer arc, follow your muse.

- We have several people with editorial experience, please, if you need help with your story, post the link to the rough draft here on the forum. We want to make the stories as best as they can be, BEFORE they go into any anthology. As well as cut any work load down for JMG should we be able to market this to a publisher.


- Deadline for submissions is January 31st, 2013

Considering the holidays coming up, we are making the deadline approximately 90 days from now, BUT since we have no firm publisher lined up, and depending on the interest, we may make this a regular feature to the Green Wizard forum. I know of several sci-fi book series with very active fan based story forums, some of which have had books put together from those submissions.

Ok. that's the general guidelines, writers get to work...

Season's Greetings and Happy New Year.

How is the 'uncontest' proceeding? Have there been many entries?

I have just completed a little story on my fiction blog which you might consider. It is called After America. It is a broad account of events after the Dissolution and runs to about 16,000 words, although it is divided into several parts.

Editorial advice might be useful.

The vision is very 'politically incorrect', so persons of a deep green and far left persuasion will not like it, but aspects of reality may turn out like that.

If interested, see

Best wishes for the successful completion of the project.

Wilson Bertram