New Green Wizards Writing Contest - Get Your Votes in by March 14th


Okay - voting is simple: send a message with your vote (not an email - use the Forum Message system) to dtrammel, who will count the votes and let us know who the winner is (but these are all winners - I've had so much fun reading them!) Since entry deadline is Feb 28th, the voting deadline is March 14 (hope I got that right, David) - plenty of time to read the last minute entries (if you've been keeping up ;-))

THOSE WITH CONTEST ENTRIES - let me know if I've missed you!!

This just in from The Archdruid Report:

I’m delighted to announce a new contest here on The Archdruid Report, the Great Squirrel Case Challenge of 2015. The goal is to come up with the most absurd new energy technology you can think of, and write either the giddily dishonest corporate press release or the absurdly sycophantic media article announcing it to the world. If you or a friend can Photoshop an image or two of your proposed nonsolution to the world’s energy needs, that’s all the better. Post your press release or media article on your blog if you have one; if you don’t, you can get one for free from Blogspot or Wordpress. Post a link to your piece in the comments section of this blog.

Entries must be posted here by February 28, 2012.  Two winners—one picked by me, the other by vote of the registered members of the Green Wizards forum—will receive signed complimentary copies of my forthcoming book After Progress. I can’t speak for the forum, which will doubtless have its own criteria, but I’ll be looking for a winsome combination of sheer absurdity with the sort of glossy corporate presentation that frames so many absurd statements these days. (Hint: it’s not against the rules to imitate real press releases and media articles.)

As for the wonderful new energy breakthrough you’ll be lauding so uncritically, why, that’s up to you. Biodiesel plants using investment bankers as their primary feedstock? A vast crank hooked to the Moon, running a global system of belts and pulleys? An undertaking of great energy profit, to misquite the famous ad from the South Sea Bubble, but no one to know what it is? Let your imagination run wild; no matter how giddy you get, as the failure of the fracking bubble becomes impossible to ignore, the mass media and a great many of our fellow hominids are go much further along the track of the marching squirrels than you will.


I'm jazzed!! David and I will come up with the way to vote... but I'm guessing we both want to enter, so I wonder if any of you who will not be entering would volunteer to count votes, once we figure out how members can log their vote. Thanks in advance!!



Here are the entries as of January 21st (I count 15 - please let me know if I've missed you): - Steve Morgan - Jason Heppenstall - Cathy McGuire - Andrew H - Myriad - George Fehling - TMM - Chris (Cherokee Organics) - Thomas Daulton - Andrew Vines - Paul - Maw Kernewek - Tony Rassmussen - Melissa M - Violet Cabra - Pinku-Sensei - J Cummings - Mark Robinowitz - Economists Solve World Energy Crisis - Dr. Simon A. Shakespeare - the crowandsheep - Kyoto motors - l the crowandsheep - Kyoto motors - kiwiaka - Melissa M - Bull Power by Andrew H - YCS - Witter - Dau Branchazel - Allan Stromfeldt Christensen - Dennis D - Jeff Williams - Odin's Raven - Arun Elassery - Strovenovus - Mike Flagg - Myriad - YIF"> - Ron M.

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Who submitted stories and especially those that voted. Most of them were very good and a few had me laughing my socks off. Well done!

I have tallied the votes from the forum members and sent the results to JMG. With luck (I didn't email them until today, sorry working too much), he will announce the winner in this week's Archdruid Report blog post.