Into the Ruins - A Deindustrial Science Fiction Journal

Hi everyone,

I wanted to announce that I'm starting a new quarterly journal dedicated to publishing the best deindustrial and post-industrial science fiction I can find. It's called "Into the Ruins" and I'm now accepted submissions, subscriptions, and letters to the editor.

I've been in contact with JMG over email about this project and have discussed it with him over the last couple months, after he mentioned the possibility of such a project on The Archdruid Report. He has since encouraged me to launch the journal and has forwarded on to me the stories from the most recent Space Bats contest that were not accepted for After Oil 4.

I'm going to be reading through those stories to see if there are ones I'd like to publish. However, I still am looking for more submissions. The more I have to choose from, so far as I'm concerned, the better. I also would like a mix of settings for the first issue--not just stories taking place in the far future. Furthermore, the plan is for this to be published every three months, which means I'll need a continuous supply of material.

Please consider checking out the website and supporting this new venture by submitting a story, subscribing, writing a letter to the editor, or some combination of those three. Or, if nothing else, go check it out and subscribe to the email list to stay up to date on the happenings.

Lastly, if you submitted a story to the most recent Space Bats contest and were not selected for the anthology, I likely have a copy of your work that I plan to review. If you don't want me to consider it for any reason, let me know and I won't. If you have an updated draft and want me to consider that instead, please go to the submissions page and submit your story as per the instructions, along with a short note about it being an updated version of a Space Bats entry. Finally, if you submitted a work to one of the previous contests that was not selected for the anthology and want me to consider it, please submit it! JMG did not send me any entries from the first two contests.

So again, please consider checking out and supporting this new project, and feel free to provide any thoughts or feedback on this thread. Thanks, everyone!

Joel Caris
Editor & Publisher
Into the Ruins - A Deindustrial Science Fiction Journal
visions of decline, collapse, and rebirth