Suggestions for a Green Wizards Icon

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One of the needed things to do, is to decide on the site icon that we use. Right now its that green pacman symbol, which came with the original theme software which I do not like.

It needs to be simple and will be primarily small, since it displays where ever the site gets placed in a search result or post. I have a friend who is a good graphics artist, so he can probably render the suggestions we get, and then we can vote on which looks the best. I have an idea or two but would like to hear from others first.

Any suggestions?

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How about a simple version of the green wizard cap worn by the little bearded fellow on the old site? Or would just a green leaf be too trite?

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Yes, I think a stylized wizard cap might be a good idea, may the cap could have a leaf pattern on it

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I thought I'd bump this thread since there was a lot of new members joining this past weekend.

If you have an idea for a logo, please tell us. Even better draw us up something. Remember anything we choose must be able to be resized down. Google and many other search engines show a very tiny copy of your site icon next to their search results.

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A wizard's cap with a leaf in it should be very recognizable - much more so than vines forming a G and a W, or something like that.

I have been greatly wanting to make myself this, on a green background with green thread, but replacing the word "embroidery" with a hand-stitched "Green". If it turns out well, I'd be glad to make some extra to share.

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I had an idea for a new website icon. Rather than a wizard cap, which I'm having trouble getting to look good at the small size (64x64 pixel) of the header, that a maze based icon might work.

It mimics the second picture in the main page slideshow


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looks fine to me.

I like it!

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I think its a great, simple design. I like the maze imagery.

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