Understanding Capitalism

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Here is a in depth look at the history of the economic system we call Capitalism, in a discussion with Barry C Lynn, a senior fellow at the New America Foundation.

How free markets killed capitalism: Ayn Rand, Ronald Reagan, Walmart, Amazon and the 1 percent’s sick triumph over us all.


One of the key things that we all will need to do as the Long Descent becomes apparent to more and more people, is recognize how we have passively let Big Money game the system for their profit. Greer brought up this very point in his book "Retrotopia". The 1 Percent has gotten their bought politicians to write rules that benefit their interests, it will be up to us to hold our representatives accountable to rewrite the rules to benefit us, or vote them out if they don't and replace them with someone that does.

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Here's an article which introduces what seems to be the next mutation of Capitalism, using techs capacity to surveil our entire daily life and mine it for behavioral predictions with a mind to profit from us.


Read the discussion at the end for more insight.