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Just finished a nice cup of lavender tea with a little sugar. I also enjoy Rosemary tea and mint tea. Have also used leaves from one of my many blueberry plants. The only store tea I drink is Irish Breakfast. So what is your favorite tea?

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I'm currently reading "Healing Secrets of the North Americans" by Porter Shimer, in furthering my knowldege of herbs and alternative healing methods.


I've noted how many medicial herbs are used in teas.

I've been cutting back my traditional morning coffee. Perhaps I will start taking a cup of tea in the mornings instead.

I had the wrong company: Native American Tea Company is the brand I usually buy. I've tried most of them, but I think I like Chief's Delight.


Ah, Blueberry, I wish I had someone to drink tea with. I don't think I know any other tea drinkers. Jasmine green tea is my favorite. I drink my [true] tea very weak, so a little bit lasts a long time.

We have one kind of puny lavender plant. Maybe it could spare some leaves. Do you use the flowers and stems, too? Once I had some very simple lavender candy, but I so associated lavender with soap, that soap is what it tasted like to me.

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Mostly the leaves and stems, your puny plant needs a well drained potting mix and extra lime in the mix a ph around 7 is what lavender likes. I find the flowers to be very tasty.

I like tea! I like Irish tea and Yorkshire Tea. I like green tea with ginger. I like straight ginger tea. I like blackberry tea (with a packet of instant cocoa!). I rarely drink Bigleow Constant Comment which is flavored with oranges and spices, but I find the taste deeply nostalgic when I do. I like the medicinal teas from Native Harvest--but I'm concerned they have discontinued them. I like some of Celestial Seasonings Holiday (black) teas--don't particularly care for the herbal ones. I like black tea with chai.

I do not like Russian tea! LOL I do not like lavender--in anything! Or peach. I do not like rooibos--though chai makes it better.

tea, tea, tea!

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My soil is not at all acidic; limestone underlays my soil. The lavender is planted on the top incline of a hill to increase drainage. True, though, the by far best lavender I've seen growing around here is planted on top of an 18 inch high mound with no other plants interfering with airflow around it. Mine is encroached upon by other plants.

Funny, I figured your soil must be acidic if you are growing blueberries. We cannot grow blueberries here without acidifying the soil. My lavender fairs poorly through winter, so that's a factor, too. I could grow another lavender that is cheap from seed and is grown as an annual here. That one ("Lady") grows healthier for me and grows much faster, too. I just haven't had anything I particularly want to do with lavender other than enjoy its beauty.