Government Screwing Up SNAP & Farmer's Markets

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In case you didn't know, several years back the Government made a very wise decision (for once) and established a program where SNAP participants could use their government food assistance at local Farmer's Markets. I believe that there was even an a bonus which added to your dollars if you used SNAP to purchase fresh vegetables and produce.

This idea had broad bipartisan support, since it was recognized that people in poverty, and using government assistance like SNAP, would benefit greatly with the addition of fresh vegetables in their diet. That many of those people were feeding children too, was seen as good.

Well we can't have that can we?

"The Washington Post reports that a large percentage of those using SNAP benefits at farmers markets—tens of thousands of people—are about to lose that ability. The likely date for the shutdown is July 31st, right in the heart of the growing season for much of the country’s farmers. This is a disastrous screw-up on the part of the federal government."


I would like to chalk this screw up as just another mean spirited example of the Republicans stigmatizing poor people and trying to make their lives more difficult BUT reading the article, it seems to me that what went down is a classic case of someone who knows someone in government using a bit of advanced information to try and land a lucrative government contract and make a fast buck.

The company that won the new contract has one employee and was incorporated days before it lands the contract.

If that doesn't reek of of someone trying to make a quick score, I have a contract to fix the electrical system in Puerto Rico to sell you, lol. 

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