Happy Holidays Everyone and a Update

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I wanted to wish everyone a happy holidays and thank each of you who posts here, and those that don't but still stop by to read us.

I had a bit of a health scare in November and didn't keep up on the new site but its been updated again. I've moved a few earlier posts up in date and added a few older posts from the dotInfo site.

I have two major posts, the Introduction to the Circles and the Introduction to the Story Circle to finish, and I want to redo the current December 20th post. Its a bit of a downer. That will be done by next weekend, from there I will begin moving the posts here to the new forum. When I get a forum emptied I'll close that forum to posts. I'll begin with the lesser forums and move to the bigger ones last.

I'm asking everyone to begin posting on the new forum sometime in Janaury.

I'm also going to change the days I post blog topics to the main page to the first and third Wednesday of the month, to coincide with Greer's Ecosophia posts.

Janaury will see the wrap up of the basic Green Wizard concepts, February will be devoted to two lessons on basic Budgetting and Personal Finances, then March will see us spend a few months on Gardening, with some how-tos on seed starting and soil maintance. Anyone with photos of their new gardens for 2019, please post them or email them to me and I'll get them up.

I know that this year has been very long time in getting the site moved but I'm hoping that the new year will see us back up to where we should be, prepare people for the Long Descent.

It sure looks like its beginning...