Introducing the GW Marketplace - Request for Rules

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A while back, clkelly posted this:

"Hi there admins! I don't post much due to living off grid and not really being a fan of (or good at) thumb-typing from my phone, but I do read a lot, and I have a suggestion: So there are the meet up boards, and the intro boards, but there doesn't seem to be a place for general, yet still location-specific stuff to be posted - things that are not a specific meet up or event, but are also probably of interest only to people geographically near the original poster. Is this in the works? I think moving offline and into the real world is a critical aspect of Green Wizardry, and having a set of boards - divided by region or state, perhaps - dedicated for each area would facilitate that, especially as the site grows and the boards become more cluttered and harder to search (anyone else ever tried to dig up anything specific on Backyard Chickens? Urgh...) They'd be awfully handy for sharing resources, local news, maybe even job openings or land opportunities. Specifically, I have an AWESOME commercial-grade metal-to-metal pressure canner that Im getting pretty good with, but i dont use it as often as I'd like to because it's massive - 44 quarts - and its pretty rare that i have enough of anything to can for just my husband and i to make it worth firing up. I'd love to offer it up as a shared/sharable capital resource that could see a lot more use than it currently does, but that's not likely to be of much interest to anyone who lives more than a couple of hours driving distance from my house. Also, my husband manages an organic local-grains bakery that's currently hiring and he'd love to employ GW sorts, but again - for anyone more than 40 minutes from Waldoboro, Maine its just clutter. Maybe something to consider on the upcoming re-vamp of the site. *Addendum: both of my examples are, in fact, factual - anyone interested in either please shoot me a message!"


We didn't have the resources to do this on the old forum but we do here. I like the idea of trading or even selling pieces of equipment members may have bought and no longer need but I think we should have a few rules so it doesn't become someone not in this group spamming us with products. What kind of ground rules would everyone think appropriate?

I like the idea of being able to connect with locals in my area. A possible rule might be: the posting has to be about something YOU PERSONALLY have to offer, no posting of other events, products, etc. I would like to use this to specifically connect with other GWs. So posting green-wizardy things that are in your community would not apply (there are other places to find that info).

I can think of several things right now that I would post on a forum of this kind. I have been hankering to start a JMG book club for discussion and sharing of his books, and I also have some specialty pieces of homesteader equipment that I would be willing to share. This would be an easy way to get this rolling.

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I love your user ID btw, lol.

G&R, we also have a Local Events and GW Meet Ups which is geared more towards what I think you mean.

We used to have several people posting monthly meeting in there neighborhoods there. You could of course post "I also have some specialty pieces of homesteader equipment that I would be willing to share" and why don't you stop by our local GW meeting this (insert time).

And yes I agree, it should be postings of things YOU have not products that third party people are offering. Though I might make an exception for "freebies", lol.

We have time on this, like other facets of the new site, that we can let set fallow and grow into a community consensus. Thank you for your opinion and suggestions.

Anyone else?