survival gardening cookbook by John Freeman

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I have had this book for a while, it is the follow up to his survival gardening book, late 1970's vintage. Most of the book is nutrition and philosophy. The book is from the era of low salt low fat, they do say salt is not a bad thing even though the current then fad was to do without, but they leave amounts out of recipes for people to add to their taste. What recipes there are are mostly pretty different, I think they feel that there are a lot of recipe books out there, so they are focusing on some of their personal ways to incorporate food from the garden with long term storage staples, recipes from their kitchen.

Quite a few recipes use non-fat powdered milk to add protein and calcium and creaminess. Tonight I cooked a seafood/rice dish. this was basically a tuna rice casserole variation. No cheese, and done on the stove. Great for storage food or cheap food, tasted better than I thought it would, but I somehow want more or different...something. Then again, I do not eat tuna, so could just be that I don't eat tuna. But, quite edible. And very filling, I could hardly eat a cup of it, I am overly full. That must be the male serving size. All that from 1 cup of rice, 1 regular small can of tuna, 1/2 cup dried milk, 1T flour and since it is winter here, I used dehydrated parsley and dehydrated green onion and veg broth powder. I wonder if that is the not quite perfect flavor profile, they called for a different broth. That made 4 servings. I ate a very large serving of steamed broccoli on the side. Properly stored Non-fat powdered milk, and long grain white rice store forever. Canned tuna is a shelf staple a lot of households. Broth should be something just made from veg scraps, that would have been better than my emergency back up, old, veg broth powder.

The book is not vegetarian, their philosophy is that some animal products should be used so that B-12 is assured and also lower amounts of animal raising can be very sustainable. So, the amounts of meat and cheese in recipes is low like this one.

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Wow, what a difference the next day. Now I like it. I reheated a cupful in the toaster oven for 1/2 hour. I grew up with baked tuna cassaole, the baking really added to it.