Humanure Handbook order?

As mentioned on today's open post at ecosophia, I'm willing to coordinate a bulk-buy of Joseph Jenkins' Humanure Handbook. He sells a box of 32 books for $10 apiece (not sure if tax is added). Each participant would pay for shipping from my home to theirs, but still, the cost is significantly less than the retail price ($25). To do this, I need 31 other people to join me (well, 29 actually, as 2 have already emailed me).

Since we all know fertilizer's about to be in short supply and thus, so is food, this might be a good time to bone up on "night soil."

If you're interested, please email me at the gmail account addressed to temporaryreality.

mountainmoma's picture

I already have a copy or I would. I do recommend the book. I built one and used it for years.

If you think you cannot do it since you are in the city, think again. I knew a couple who did this in the middle of their city yard as it does not take anymore space than compost piles, and actually you build the same 3 bin system as any other compost system. The humanure would help you dry plant matter to compost