A Different Way To Make Pie

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Now, this is an interesting way to make tasty and nutritious treats.

"That's how easy my grandmother makes apple pie. Elegantly tasty and fast"

One thing I noticed, is that you should cut your dough strips the length of your apple slices or then bits of apple stick out when you bake it.

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Looks delicious! I wish I could eat that amount of wheat sometimes!

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Since people are asking for the dough recipe:

20 grams of yeast (4.5 tablespoons)
300 ml of milk (1.5 cups)
15 ml of sugar (1 tablespoon)
44 ml of flour (3 tablespoons)
Mix, then let rise for 10 minutes.

1 egg
45 ml of cornstarch (3 tablespoons)
12 grams of vanilla sugar (0.8 tablespoons)
400 grams of flour (14 ounces)
pinch of salt
Mix. Leave for 30 minutes then roll.