Your Chance At Fame Chicken Daddies, LOL

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Saw this,

WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR CHICKEN DADDIES FOR OUR 2023 CALENDARS! Send us an application near the bottom of Only half our slots are filled. Not limited to: Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, South America, United States Dads are all encouraged to apply. We want to hear your story! We need Dads who are 100% in - let's just say you MUST be comfortable putting on a farm dress! **Please do not nominate a Dad unless you have their permission**

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This sure does look like the Target store prairie style dress snark that was buzzing around the internet a few weeks ago.

I may need therapy, but this brings to mind my own mother telling me when I was a young teen that the outfit I was wearing (knee length green skirt with long sleeve blouse) looked a little frumpy. Well, heck, Mom, it wasn't like I had a closet or drawer full of clothes to choose from. It was the best I could do. I think you have plenty of resources if you can reject clothes that will essentially do the job.

The pictures are funny, but the dresses don't honestly seem that strange unless you're male. I can imagine wearing the blue one... but then I've been known to wander around in SCA garb (medieval/english civil war) just cause I feel like it and some of them are very comfortable. I kind of like weirding people out just a little - though doing so more than a little in a big group can be hilarious and a lot of fun. Lots of people in mixed medieval/modern clothing descending on McDonalds on the way home from an event? Fun.