Some Good Suggestions on Sustainable Living

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Too many "green" articles are fluff, this one offers some good suggestions.

"How to Live Sustainably in 2022 - Small lifestyle tweaks will help you go 'green'."

"I grew up in a family which lived frugally. It was always expected that a swish of water would be added to the ketchup to coax out the last vestiges stuck on to the sides of the bottle, or that clothes would be mended, and then mended again, before finally disintegrating into a heap. As a child, this would mortify me, but as an adult, I see how practical, sensible, and sustainable this is.

At the turn of each year, I look back and reflect on how I simplified my own life in the months gone by. A great part of this shift is a nod toward living more sustainably, not by making any grand gestures, but by taking small steps, which you can accommodate in your lifestyle. Ultimately, it’s small incremental changes that help you to live a little greener, healthier, and cleaner than the year before."


She lists these:
1) Farm To Bin - Buy as local as you can.
2) Buy the Best, Swap and Mend the Rest
3) Shift to Refills
4) Retrofit a Green Home
5) Be Mindful of What and How You Consume