Spring 2022 seed availability?

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On Jan 19, I recalled that my local big box home-improvement store had garden seeds on display by this time last year, so I looked for them. Not there. I asked a store employee about them, and was told that though the seed packets had arrived (a week or two ago), the cardboard seed-packet sales display had not come with them, so they were not available for sale yet. The employee knew of another store nearby that did have the seed display set up, but didn't know anything about any other store.

As food prices rise, there may be more interest in home gardening, so get your seeds while you can. If you're thinking about ordering special varieties from small producers, it's better to be early than disappointed.

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A low-end garden center here in the city has seeds already. I'm wondering if some of the dollar stores have seed out. I've been happy with a number of packets I've bought 4/$1 or even 10/$1 in dollar stores. But there are not large garden amounts in the packets.

I have not heard any talk of runs on seeds such as we experienced last year.

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I work at a Home Depot type big box hardware store, we've had seeds and seed starting goods up for several weeks. Good supply too.