Anyone else doing winter sowing in milk jugs?

First time I've tried doing this, but I keep hearing from people who swear by it. Just planted up six milk jugs with assorted greens and a few tomatoes (not sure the latter will work, but thought I'd test it given my trouble with tomato seedlings indoors).

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Do design a good experiment which means you as a minimum need to plant some controls.
I recall reading the results of some Milk Jugs as cloches testing many years ago and the take away of the results was that performance was underwhelming. I suspect that the degree of benefit, if any, will be climate and weather sensitive. I will be looking forward to your reported results.

I'll be planting the same two tomato varieties indoors at the appropriate time, along with some other varieties. I want to know which varieties grow to transplant size most easily, plus their performance once in the garden, as well as if I can grow decent tomato transplants using winter sowing.

Given I'm starting a new garden bed and will have more space, I will likely be direct sowing some more greens as well at the appropriate time.