Atlantis and Green Wizards

During the TAR cycle, JMG mentioned times that the story of Atlantis was an alternative to the Myth of Progress. And after hearing him talk about Atlantis in an older podcast, I checked out him book Atlantis: Ancient Legacy, Hidden Prophecy. (2007) In it he says the myth of Atlantis got reworked by occultists in the lat 19th-early 20th centuries, and the idea of "seedbearers" was added: priests who were sent out to preserve Atlantean knowledge for later ages.

So this is on his mind 3-4 years before Merlin and the Green Wizards popped up on our screens. Anybody got any feelings along this line?

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I studied Geology in college and I was always struck by the fact that during the last large Ice Age, the ocean coasts were quite a bit further out than they are now. People live on the coasts. Any towns are buried under many feet of water and slit now.

I see no reason that a large scale Paleolithic civilization, which folklore has now named Atlantis, didn't exists.

And no I don't assume mystical crystals which could fire energy beams and all the fantastical things ascribed to Atlantis. I can see a civilazation which had a few centuries to develop and florious, and given some luck, have a tremendous impact on the wandering tribes and minor tribes around their outposts.

You know that with global warming, we could see ocean levels rise to the point that many of "Our" cities and outposts on the coasts will be underwater in less than a hundred years. Will our descendants remember the myth of our "Atlantis"?

Probably that the people living in this or that Atlantis were wicked people whose evilness was so all-consuming it left stains in the soil, which is why the water from this or that inlet is still poisonous or why people who camp near the ruins of this or that Atlantis are so often visited by the evil spirits that cause birth defects.

One phrase that struck me from JMG's Star's Reach is when people discuss the low fertility, high rates of cancer, and high rates of birth defects they experience and mention, "It's no one's fault but the Ancients."