Do You Wash Your Rice?

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Some people say to wash your rice (and other grains), some people say don't.

I've noticed more and more "trash" in my peanuts now. Bits and pieces that weren't in the jar before the Pandemic it seems. I'm sure that little bit of extra doesn't make them that much money, but a penny here, a penny there adds up. I wonder how many other cleaning steps have been quietly stopped to save money too.

Here's a video that discusses the pros and cons:

Not just cleanliness, some ethnic dishes actually need the raw starch coat that unwashed rice has.

What's your practice or opinion?

I am usually just cooking the rice by itself and not part of some more complex dish, so that extra starch isn't needed in my case.

I think food processors are taking shortcuts.

The one that bothers me is irradiating food.
I don't think it leaves radiation behind.
What happens is it works so well that a food processor can be less clean since the radiation kills all the germs and sterilizes the spice or whatever.

Unfortunately, I do not want irradiated rat poo or insect bits in my food! I don't care if it's sterile rat poo or clean bug parts.

Irradiating food means that the processor can be sloppy.

It's a little concerning that this is a reoccurring issue. Wasn't this the crux of the matter with the chlorinated chicken kerfuffle a few years back? US processors were using chemical disinfectants as a cheap shortcut, and UK voters weren't thrilled about eating meat processed to such lax standards.