Wisdom From The Mouths Of Fictional Characters

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This post is a bit "tongue in cheek", in that it's wisdom from the fictional Star Wars character "Grand Admiral Thrawn" who is one of the big baddies in that universe. Unlike the traditional lumbering villain who just destroys and burns, Thrawn is a person of culture and intelligence, and the methods he uses to accomplish his goals are much more subtle.

Here's the thing, fictional characters are written by real people, who often have great wisdom which they decide to impart via stories. If one has read the sci-fi classic "Dune", they would have been struck on all the buried wisdom in it. I was, and my copy is marked with many dog eared pages to indicate that wisdom. It's true of that book, and it's true of others.

I think that's one of the hidden secrets of story telling, that telling a fictional tale over a fire, or in a book (or film) get's people to let down their guard. Enjoy these videos, the person voicing them is perfect, but take a minute to actually ponder the words behind the cartoon too.


"Thrawn explains the Enemy and Adversary"

"Thrawn explains the stick of authority and when it has to be passed"

"Thrawn explains that one's life path always changes"

"Thrawn explains Ultimate Safety"

"Thrawn explains why one must exercise"

"Thrawn explains one's Talents and Abilities"

"Thrawn explains the Ally"

"Thrawn explains the responsibility of a leader"

"Thrawn explains that all people have Regrets"

"Thrawn explains when to give trust and loyalty in one's leadership"

"Thrawn explains the Battle Plan"

"Thrawn explains his own species"

"Thrawn explains you can never plan out a whole day and who you meet"

"Thrawn explains that war is a game. He gives an example; on how he got in the Empire"

"Thrawn explains the balance of a warrior's life"

"Thrawn explains that every Culture and Species is unique which presents challenges"

"Thrawn explains Alliances"

"Thrawn explains that everyone has Goals"

"Thrawn explains that all beings have hopes and aspirations and how they can change"

"Thrawn explains the crossings and intersections of one's life path"

"Thrawn explains the importance of identifying and defeating the enemy"

"Thrawn explains the Opponent and Enemy"

"Thrawn explains what Victory is"

"Thrawn explains what True Friendship is"

"Thrawn explains the military life"

"Thrawn explains the tactician"

"Thrawn explains no one is immune to failure"

"Thrawn explains what leadership is"

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Whether it comes from an author via a character in a story or from what people consider 'Holy Books', or for that matter from the drunk on the bar stool next to yours, the Truth is the Truth! Keeping straight on what we WANT to be True versus what actually is True is the challenge!

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People tend to forget that fictional characters have real people writing them, and its been my experience that writers tend to be extremely well read in many subjects. I happen to love to write characters that many would deem villains. They get the best lines too.

Is there any chance of a transcript for those of us who cannot afford the bandwidth for streaming video and audio? Even one or two items, so we can sample the flavor of the author’s characterization?