Vitamin D and Lung Inflammation

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Increasing your intake of Vitamin D was one thing recommended at the start of the Pandemic to fight Covid. Many in the main stream industrial medical industry came out forcefully against vitamins then too.

(Cover Our Butt Note: Green Wizards posts this not to advocate for vitamins, but for informational purposes.)

Now there is preliminary research supporting the use of Vitamin D to lessen lung inflammation, though with the stipulation it might not be the pills you get over the counter.

"Study shows how vitamin D could halt lung inflammation in COVID-19"

I wonder how intake of Vitamin D via food, rather than by pill, contributes to the increase of "good" Vitamin D?

I often see "fifteen minutes a day" of sunshine.

Okay: how much skin should I expose?

Face and hands only?
Arms? Legs? Strip down?

I would think that the amount of exposed skin would make a difference.