Vertical Garden System (Plus Wind Turbine)

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I'm always having problems with my larger tomatoes. Their stems get long and end up sprawled across the ground around my raised beds. This set up solves some of that without having to resort to ropes and tying the vines off.

"Mad scientist's homestead is parking size, off-grid system"

Cost is a bit high to start as opposed to just digging up some soil in the back yard. You need a heavy walled container or it may split due to soil weight (he talks about this) which are surprisingly not that expensive ($13 or so, here is his company LINK TO POTS). Also add in the cost of the pvc supports and hydroponic system if you don't just hand water.

Anything above two containers though will run into coverage of the lower plants by the leaves and stems of the upper plants.

Might be something that could be adapted to your specific backyard.

His wind generator system looks very interesting though. He claims 400 watts per turbine.

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