Backyard Chickens?

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Are there any backyard chicken people here?

I kept a few for a few years but they stopped laying and went to the "retirement farm". I was going to take this winter off but there are so many free chickens available on craigslist that I'm getting back in the game.

(Side note: there was a rush of new people keeping chickens last year, wonder if they're tiring of it and giving them away?)

My project for this year is to figure out if I want to do a bulb setup in the coop to extend laying in the winter. It will need to be solar so I'll be starting that research soon.

Also hoping to acquire some more from Craigslist so it will be my first time merging flocks. Fun times!

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Yes, there are chicken people here. I don't but then I have friends who do, so I can buy them cheap and fresh. I'm sure people will chime in soon.

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In the meantime, here is a series of videos from Soul Food Farms which should help you out with your baby chickens.

Part 1: Baby Chickens Come Home:

Part 2: Introducing the Baby Chicks to Their Little Hen House:

Part 3: The Chicks are Getting Bigger:

and an additional video, How to Choose Food for Baby Chicks and Layers:

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Thank you for the links David! I do love watching farm videos.

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Here's a way if you have chickens.

add photo: 
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This company puts some premium coops out. Too expensive for me though. Check out their watering and feeding set up though. You could fabricate them pretty easily out of pvc pipe.

We're going to have a guest blog post from a woman who picked up a couple cheap from a divorced couple. They were in bad shape as were the birds.

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Thank you for all these resources!

Here on the (not-quite-a) homestead a few interesting things have been happening.

For the first time since we began chicken keeping 3 years ago, a hawk got one of the ladies. Very surprising. Very stealthy as well since we
were home and heard and saw nothing. We've upped the defenses. Apparently decoy owls scare hawks so we've acquired and are testing that.

By chance, the day after the chicken-napping we were scheduled to get 4 more ladies to take the flock to six. I was able to get 5 so we're up to six - which is the most I've had to date at one time. Adjusting to the rhythm of increased watering, increased food, and increased eggs!

I loved your upscale coop link. I've spoken to Mr. KMA about trying to put together a side hustle of building coops and chicken resources from upcycled materials so collecting plans and drawings from others is on my to-do list. I particularly was interested in their grub cone since
grub manufacturing would be a great thing for me to learn. I might elevate that in my research over coop design, although I have
a lot of opinions on coop design!

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If you are going to get into building coops, then check this week's main page blog post. It has a bunch of great photos which should give you ideas.

There are many people who got into chickens at the start of the Pandemic who now, might be rethinking there investment. A ad in the local FB marketplace that you buy and sell them, might get you some deals.