Can You Turn A Ceiling Fan Into A Wind Generator?

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Came across this youtube video:

Where the person used a extra ceiling fan to create a electrical wind generator. Spoiler alert, its difficult. This video is though an excellent tutorial on the parts and electrical circuit for such project though.

I've seen old plans for using car generators for things like water turbines and wind mills. Ceiling fans though are often found for free in the trash.

His conclusion is the result is not that great because of the poor quality of the electric motor. You could though source the motor from other eTrash, like a electrical bike, drone or hoverboard and improve the finished product.

ADDED: Looks like there are more videos available on this subject.

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Nope, I cannot make a generator out of a ceiling fan.

But I can set my laundry drying racks in the wind tunnel between houses. Sometimes I put a chair there to cool myself.

David, do you know the Bevo Mill? I swear I thought it was a real windmill when I moved here. It's the opposite. They have to plug that thing in to make it spin. Sure looks like it could be made to generate electricity if someone would put some canvass on the blades and maybe position some magnets appropriately.

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