AI Weapons and Near Term Climate Fiction

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Here is something that will give you ideas for your near term (the next 30-50 years) climate fiction stories.

"The Third Revolution in Warfare - First there was gunpowder. Then nuclear weapons. Next: artificially intelligent weapons."

"Weapons technology has changed substantially over the past two decades. And thinking ahead to the not-so-distant future, we must ask: What if these assailants were able to remove human suicide bombers or attackers from the equation altogether? As someone who has studied and worked in artificial intelligence for the better part of four decades, I worry about such a technology threat, born from artificial intelligence and robotics. Autonomous weaponry is the third revolution in warfare, following gunpowder and nuclear arms. The evolution from land mines to guided missiles was just a prelude to true AI-enabled autonomy—the full engagement of killing: searching for, deciding to engage, and obliterating another human life, completely without human involvement."


I can definitely envision a computer virus bringing down civilization much more likely than a conventional war now. I found it interesting too, the writer chose to post this on 20th anniversary of September 11th.

BTW if you haven't watched the video "Slaughterbots" and need something to have nightmares about, check it out.

I can't help but notice that all the USA's drone weaponry and bombing didn't win it the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.