A Master Of The Art Of Storytelling - Ruth Goodman

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Storytelling is an art which is as old as human speech, if not even older. And it will be a sought after skill into the next Dark Age after the Long Descent. Ruth Goodman is one of the master of that craft. She is an award-winning social and domestic historian of British history, who has been involved in several highly-rated BBC television series, including Edwardian Farm, the Victorian Farm, Victorian Farm Christmas, Tales from the Green Valley, and the Victorian Pharmacy and has used her knowledge and charm on the screen to make history, both approachable and interesting. Here's a podcast (transcript is available if you want to read it instead) of a conversation with her. Amazing stuff.

"The BBC’s Ruth Goodman Is A Master Storyteller Of British History"

I have enjoyed all her video presentations I have been able to find online and I am currently reading How to Live like a Tudor.
Great stuff.

Ruth Goodman's programs are fabulous. Well-researched, accurate, and fascinating.

I recommend them highly if you want to learn more.