Soap Making Equipment For Free

A few months back, maybe 6 months back, before Covid, the beginning of Covid... I'm not sure... I've been working with my wife to cut down on our expenses, and waste... So, plastic from soap, and the cost of having to purchase soap... Seemed like a good starting point...

Well I got some KOH, and I got a little setup, and while mixing the KOH and the water, I thought I was using a pot that was not aluminum... Well turned out I was wrong, and I smoked us out of our apartment, and melted the copper paint off of the pot...

Soap making is not that easy at all!

Turns out for me that the return on investment is not that great for me...

I still have some KOH left over, and some beeswax, and some pine rosin....

Even a little scale for weighing it all with.

If anyone is interested in the materials, I'd be happy to ship them to you, just cover the costs of shipping.



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Tim, I moved your post over to the Marketplace. If anyone else has things they want to sell or get rid of, feel free to post them here.

Thanks David!