Another Voice In The Woods - Heather Cox Richardson

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Part of the thing that attracted me to John Michael Greer, and I suspect most of those who are reading this, was the incredible depth and bread of the knowledge Greer brought to his writing. First at the Arch Druid Report and now to Ecosophia (and the occult blog on Dreamwidth of the same name). Its safe to say Greer's writings have change my outlooks on many things and made me the person I am today.

I wanted to introduce you to another writer with what I feel is the same ability to make you think, Heather Cox Richardson.

Richardson came to my attention (and to a whole lot of others) during the pandemic and the later part of the Trump presidency. She is like Greer, a historian but more than that she is a deep thinker with the ability to use the examples of the Past to illuminate the Present. I won't say too much, less I give you expectations but you should check out her Substack page.

"Letters from an American"

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I will say this. Richardson is not a fan of Trump or of the Republican party as it is today. Some may find her conclusions wrong and dismiss what she writes BUT even if you support what the Republicans and Trump are doing, its often helpful to read up on what the other side is saying.