How does the search function work?

Could someone explain how the search function works for new members and members like me?

I'm typing my search item (like kale) into the search box.

I KNOW kale figures prominently in many discussions.

Yet, the search box on the righthand side of the screen returns no items.

I can't be the only person with this issue.

ClareBroommaker's picture

As far as I can tell the search function only finds a match if it is part of a user's name. For example, if I search for "oven" the only return I get is on the user name "GPCProvencher". Searching for "tato" it finds "Sweet Tatorman". If I search for "ham", it finds the user "JHAMANN". Comical.

Seems as if some programming was meant to make a search run on everything except usernames, but instead it searches nothing but user names.

I also have poor results finding posts here using a general internet search engine.