Art of manliness articles on foraging wild plants

Since this blog has been rather dead lately I might as well add something.

A.O.M has 2 interesting articles on foraging wild plants for food which I will post here.

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Eh, the photo that goes with asparagus in the second article is not asparagus. It would seem to be some kind of unripe grain. And I'd take extreme care with eating supposed pennycress. It has poisonous look-alikes.

The testing for edibility advice seems wise, if you have no choice but to try plants you are unfamiliar with.

When out and about I am always on the lookout for edible plants whether I plan to pick any or not. It's just a habit. Lately I have been walking for exercise in a city park that is the most inedible park I think I've ever come across. Ironically, it is across the street from a garden center.