Dehydrate eggplant?

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Can we dehydrate eggplant? I'm guessing it turns into something like cardboard that never will re-hydrate.

----Next day update: Well, guess I'm going to find out. A peeled, sliced, and blanched eggplant is in the dehydrator now. It looks like it might take a long time. Still am skeptical about ever rehydrating it.

----Second Update: Eggplant is dry. This was a large type eggplant and more mature than I prefer, to the point where the seeds were becoming hard. I peeled it and scooped out the seeds as much as possible. Cut the eggplant in half vertically, and then in quarter inch slices.

I blanched the raw pieces until they just began to show a hint of green, then cooled them quickly in tap water to stop the cooking.

When handling the dried pieces I kept thinking they felt sort of greasy. Afterward, my finger tips felt nice, as though moisturized with a nice lotion, maybe one of those silicone containing lotions. (Does eggplant have skin care potential?)

In the future, I would vertically quarter such a large eggplant because the dried slices are still too large to conveniently fit into the jar I have, a 26 ounce straight sided peanut butter jar. So the storage takes up nearly as much space as the fresh eggplant.