Giveaways large and small

I have stuff to give away that I would like to go to benefit younger people with a Green Wizardly bent.
Things I want to give away include:

In very good condition:
--One 5-drawer steel lateral filing cabinet, color putty
--One 4-drawer steel lateral filing cabinet, color putty
--One enamel-coated steel pot for canning together with tongs and a couple other canning implements never used
--An eclectic mix of books culled from library sales, possibly useful for home-schooling including manuals, history, poetry, reference works, etc.
--A bread safe, used now as an end table but perfect for setting aside a loaf of dough to rise undisturbed within. Sturdy pine, stained to a mahogany tone, with two top flaps hinged in the middle for easy lifting of a loaf in or out. Could also be used as a pie safe.
--A small roll-top desk, chiefly made of particle board but old enough not to be out-gassing anymore.

In fair-to-middling condition:
--10 to 15 sackfuls of .75 liter clear glass bottles with metal caps. Most are stacked in the kind of sack used for 20 lbs of bird-seed. Some are older and have been outside a long time and need a good rinsing.

Could be used to home-bottle beer or vinegar; demonstrate how to pasteurize raw water for emergency use by filling halfway and placing on a sunny roof to reach above 141 degrees F; filling with well water and a drop of bleach to store for emergency drinking use; embed a line of bottles in the cob wall of a shed to provide light within instead of a window.

These bottles held mineral water from a spring in Germany, and represent a significant investment of energy already just from being made in Europe, filled, shipped and used the one time. It seems a shame to send them to a recycling center to be smashed and remade when they are already useful as is.

--A mix of "craft junk" or "odds and ends" sorted into palm-sized clear plastic snap boxes. Useful for tinkering, making homemade toys or jerry-rig repairs.