Take Back Your Mind

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The "Take Back Your Mind" course offered by Jason Miller, usually as a paid course, is FREE until May 1st of 2020. I signed up and am looking forward to it. I already have a daily meditation practice, but that is no reason not to learn some new tricks, different perspectives, new skills. It is always good, imo, to seek different angles on subjects we are interested in. I think this is a great opportunity from an interesting magic and meditation teacher.

" Anything BUT your run-of-the-mill Yoga/Buddhist/New Age meditation class…after the first two weeks, I could maintain focus longer. After a month, I felt a sharp clarity in my thinking. And after three months, these practices magnified my efforts to reduce anxiety. This isn’t just a course on meditation. It’s a toolbox for a meaningful life. Or maybe a toybox. Seriously. Take this course.”
-D.K. Take Back Your Mind


"This course is different than most mindfulness programs. Most teachings on meditation talk about finding calm and peace. Calm and peace are important, but they are a side effect, not the goal. The goal is to take back what has been stolen from you: your attention span, your self-possession, your command.

Some meditation teachers make it sound like they want you to be dead from the neck down, I want you to be fully alive. Fully transcendent and fully engaged with the world at the same time. The goal of this class is not just to keep your clarity and calm, but to increase your sharpness and edge.If we are going to Take Back Our Minds wile still maintaining a fully engaged life filled with work, family, friends, success, adventure, and joy, we need a program designed with that life in mind – not an approach based on the lives monks or contemplatives that treat ordinary life as an obstacle. This program treats your ordinary life as a platform for mindfulness, not a barrier to it.

What’s Different

The new course has the lessons broken up into shorter length recordings – each week you will get two or three audio files that are roughly 20 minutes in length – perfect for session on the cushion or the treadmill. By cutting away the methods meant to generate mystical experiences, and adding techniques that can be employed throughout you day, we keep squarely focused on the point of presence, attention, and self-possession. There are also fewer lessons, so the course costs less than it did in the past."