Foraging Butter Nuts (Juglans cinerea): Butternut Tree Identification and Processing

"Butter nuts, also known as white walnuts, are the rich sweet fruit of the butternut tree (Juglans cinerea). They grow wild throughout the forests of the Northeast (Range Map), though they’re increasingly rare due to a disease that’s killed nearly all of the native woodland population.

"Aptly named, they’re a lot like conventional walnuts but without any of the characteristic bitterness. Some people liken them to pine nuts because of their creamy nut meat and mild flavor."

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Always interesting to hear about a tree food crop that's new to me and the plants for a future database shows it as hardy to zone 4 which is a good start for seeing if it might fruit in the UK. There is also the factor of our low intensity of heat during the summer (which goes along with the mild winters from the maritime climate) and the short season of adequate light for plant growth due to the high latitude.