Fruit and nut trees

I lost a native tree in my front yard last year. I would like to replace it with a fruit or a nut tree.

My husband doesn't want a tall tree and most nuts I have seen are tall.

I live in zone 6, our area is classified as belonging to the Carolinian Forest. A great native is the PawPaw but that is also too tall.

I like the Jesuit Pair but I cannot find a supplier.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a tree, preferably a native or a North American

An article on native (American) fruit trees recently floated to the top of my stack of clippings. Juneberry trees can grow to 50' but apparently 20' is more common, and some varieties grow as shrubs.

No mention of pollination. Apparently they do attract deer and rabbits... Juneberries were a staple ingredient in pemican.

I didn't know you could get serviceberries as a single tree. I thought they were all shrubs.

We have a wild patch in our area and I have already harvested from it.

I shall look into a tree

Hazelnuts are a good choice. I have planted several. You do have to be prepared to harvest them or your yard will be squirrel central. And as noted, they have a shrubby habit. They are often used for hedges. Many pears and apricots are self-fertile. Pears get tall quickly, but you can control the height with pruning. If you don't want to do canning or dehydrating, you are better off with apples or highbush blueberries. I suggest asking your library for The Holistic Orchard by Michael Phillips. He has a lot of species-specific info and suggestions for what works in various zones, what kind of soil and care, etc. I don't think that you have to read all his technical stuff right off the bat to get some good ideas about what might work for your situation. Also check with your county agricultural extension to see what they think would meet your requirements. Good luck!

I put it on hold at my library.

I believe a self fertile tree would be my best option, I don't really have room for 2 trees. I plan on canning what can't be eaten...and I do use a lot of apples. I usually buy a bushel or 2 and make applesauce and applebutter.

I do have a lot of squirrels already....hmmm! I don't want to encourage any more, I had not thought of that. They already drive my husband daft, I don't need him sent really "round the bend" Smile

We don't have an extension least not in my part of Canada

If you are thinking about this already, my apologies, but most fruit and nut trees will require an appropriate pollinator tree for good production. If you're interested in pears, for example, you may want to investigate the multi-variety combinations that give you different kinds of pears on the same tree.

I don't have room for two trees.

I will look into a multi -variety tree.

I do have a crabapple in the backyard but sadly it's life is coming to an end.

Thanks for the info and link

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There are many varietys of pear for your area Sickle, Hood maybe Barllet look around have your soil tested need a Ph range of 5.5-6.5 very important. Be careful with to much nitrogen organic or ingoranic around pears will develop fireblight the same with apple trees. Chestnut trees they grow from Florida to Maine. Most out there are a mix of American and Chinese try to buy something local within (200 miles). Good Luck


for the info.

I researched the Chestnut tree, I see it is having a problem with blight, and the American one has been decimated. I think it's a bit taller than what we want, we now have overhead hydro lines and they will come and cut branches of if they get too close to the lines.

I am planning to take a trip to the local tree farm to find out what is available

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Hazelnuts are native to North America. They don't get as tall as a pawpaw. They will take on a shrubby kind of growth unless you keep excess trunks and root sprouts cut out each year.

I don't know what Jesuit Pair (pear?) is, but if you can get the fruit, maybe it can be grown from seed.

of course, my spelling fail.

After reading the local newspaper archives I don't think they are available or the fruit.

I am going to look into a hazelnut.

Thanks for the info

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A short pie cherry, like the Evans Bali?

has come to live in my front yard. It's about 10ft tall and growing with a nice straight trunk.

I've snipped off most of the seedheads so it puts it's energy into growing roots.

I'm also looking into a multi variety pear tree. I need to see if I can find a little patch of space to grow one.

Thanks for everyones input on my quest.

Glad you got your tree. I don't know what a serviceberry looks like.

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sounds like an immediate impact tree. Did it have a huge root ball? How much is the trunk diameter?

Good luck with your new arrival!